Entryways, trellises, gongs and fences are excellent ways to create interesting spaces within a yard or garden.  Placed on either side of a pathway, or set in such a way as to create a visual boundary or a point of interest, they add a magical quality to any space.

Sunflower Trellis- 6’ x 5.5’ with stone finials.  These serve as a great trellis for sunflowers, especially the smaller variety.

details of stone finials for sunflower trellis

These normally stand on either side the front walkway. They are shown against the house in order that you might see the details better.  6’ tall. Begin at $750.

Trellises look great all year long.

Trellises can be mounted on a stand to be used indoors

as room dividers or accent pieces.

These trellis-like sculptures stand approximately 6.5 feet tall.

Trellises can also be mounted on the edge of a deck to create a screen or an interesting backdrop.

The changing light creates many interesting effects.

Garden Gongs- 6-7 ft tall.

Cut, etched and welded steel.

Gong with white stone

Trellises & gongs

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