Steel Art for the 
Home & Garden
Created     by       Chris Newcomb      Gorham, ME


Lawn Sharks

8 - 12”  tall  x  10- 14” wide

Snow Sharks

RAVEN and FISH- 10” x 18”/ 10” 28”- can hang by fishline, which allows it to spin in wind.  They can also be mounted on a steel rod to plant in the ground or a planter, or welded to an 8” round steel base to sit on deck or floor.

Doggie Dog- 18” tall by 26” wide
Sea Dog  36 “ tall by 36” wide
                                                              Beast 24” tall by 30” wide



These whimsical creatures enliven any yard, all four seasons.

Simply stick them into the lawn using the welded steel poles or if you want a more permanent arrangement, dig a small hole, pour some premixed concrete from a hardware store in the hole and place the steel rods in the concrete.

Jumping for Joy  36” tall by 18” wide 

Ugly?  Sure, but they make perfect pets.

No need to feed them, clean up after them, or give them water.

And, you can go on vacation without taking them to the vets!

Man- 44” tall by 36” wide

Snout Dragon & Elephant Dragon
Dragon Puppy- 32” by 20”

Garden Stakes- 8” round on 5- 6 foot tall steel poles.  Excellent at the fire pit, or to put around the garden perimeter.  Can be used as garden stakes for tall plantings.

Snout Dog- 24” tall x 24” wide